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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Homeschool in a Minivan

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As we travel on deputation our Turbo Tots seem to store up energy quickly.  No energy drink in the world could give me as much energy as they have!  My high flying Buzz has a great love for books, letters, numbers and all things related to learning something new.  As a teacher I am thrilled to see his thirst for knowledge, but the downside is that since we are always on the go the plans for building the "schoolroom of my dreams" have been put on hold.  Instead of stock piling materials and filling shelves with books I have to carefully plan what we can and cannot take with us in the van. 

While I would love to open the trunk and see a miniature classroom, more important things like clothes, shoes, our display, the stroller, and office supplies get crammed into the back of our minivan.  When we stay in one place for any length of time my heart soars with the freedom of spreading out my treasures and organizing books and materials becomes my favorite past time.  I have studied many different styles of home school organization and am saving my favorite designs for when we are finally on the mission field in Peru, but until then I have come up with some simple strategies called "Homeschool in a Minivan" that I am compiling into an e-book to help other moms who find themselves in the same situation.  These strategies help make our lives on the road easier and still allow me to provide my sons with a way to put their energy to good use!

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