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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cookie Mania - Gingerbread Men!

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One Christmas tradition we have is making cookies together and this year is no exception.  As a general rule we must make a batch of sugar cookies (Mommy's favorite) and decorate them.  But this year the boys were obsessed with gingerbread men and wanted to make some.  The fact that I've never made gingerbread cookies combined with the fact that we are still unpacking all of our belongings at my in-laws house, I opted for the Big Bag of Betty Crocker cookie mix!

Rolling out cookies with a two year old and a three year old requires much patience!  The boys enjoyed the process thoroughly.

Steven wasn't too interested at the beginning.  He really enjoyed playing with the mini cookie cutters and the measuring spoons.  Later on when I gave him a small section of dough to roll out he decided that sampling the dough was more fun than using the cookie cutters!  (Of course, I was horrified because of the raw egg, but he survived the taste test!)

Joshua, on the other hand, was a Master Chef!  He had been practicing making cookies on the free Little People Learning Market App that we got recently and felt like he knew all of the steps involved!  He wanted to do everything, from mixing the dough, to rolling it out, to cutting out the cookies.  He concentrated so hard on using the rolling pin correctly that as he lifted it high into the air flour sprinkled down into his hair but didn't phase him one bit.  He was really impressed when he cut one out and it stayed in the cutter.

We eventually graduated from the small cutters to the "Daddy" sized gingerbread man.  After punching out three cookies that overlapped I told Joshua that he had made triplets.  His inventive mind also added, "Yeah, their holding hands because they're friends!"  Then he wouldn't allow me to separate them on their way to the oven.

By the time our cookie session was over, Steven was definitely ready for his nap...and covered in flour!

The final verdict?  Steven prefers cookie dough, and Joshua had about five cookies over the course of the afternoon.  I'm pretty sure he approved!

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