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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Don't give up!

Pin It In reading through Acts 6-10 this week I was challenged once again by the life (and death) of Stephen.

When you are dead and gone what will people remember about you?

The bible speaks of Stephen as being...
Honest, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, full of faith and power...
He did great wonders and miracles and the spirit that he spoke with was irresistible!
He knew his Bible enough to recount the history of Israel to a captive audience and point them to Christ.
And in the end, when it came down to laying down his life for The Lord he loved, with his dying breath he asked for forgiveness for those who so wrongfully sought his death.

In comparison in Acts 8 we see Simon the Sorcerer. A man who hears the gospel, makes a confession of faith and then seeks to gain God's gifts through manipulation! Can you imagine the audacity of someone trying to buy a piece of the Holy Spirit's power?

But sadly enough, it happens every day. Instead of living spirit-filled lives we try to falsify the working of the Spirit in our lives so that the praise goes to us for our good efforts instead of glorifying God for what He has done in us and through us.

This week has been a rough mix of chasing kids and chasing my quiet time...visitor's leaving, a baby shower that caught me by surprise because I forgot to write it down, a fine arts contest, a crying baby on a growth spurt. I can feel the Spirit calling and more often than not this week I found myself saying, "In a few minutes...right after I finish _____...tomorrow I'll get up earlier." Whatever the excuse, it just kept getting put off and my walk with the Lord and relationship with my family suffered because of  it.

Stephen, a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit. It did not come by accident but by fully giving himself to God.

Today is a new day, and my timer just popped up to say, "It's time for your daily Bible reading!"

And my answer? I already beat you to it!

Don't let anything keep you from walking with Him today!

Be blessed,

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