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Monday, January 14, 2013

Get excited!

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  • In two weeks my family will be heading back to the mission field of Peru after being on deputation for three years! 
As a single girl on my first trip to Peru in 1998, I learned that the things I thought were important in life were nothing compared to the joy of knowing God and sharing His love with others.  I returned in 2001-2003, and then again in 2005-2009!  I am excited to be heading back down again with my husband and two sons!  You can check out our adventures over on our ministry blog or website.

My first trip to Peru back in 1998!

  • Today also marks the beginning of the online Good Morning Girls Bible study on Living Like Jesus: Luke 1-8!  With so many days spent traveling I found it difficult to join a ladies Bible study anywhere for any length of time.  In Peru I was used to holding a study in our home with some fellow teachers.  When I discovered GMG online I was thrilled to start a Bible study group online which has now expanded to an English group and a Spanish group!

Luke 1:1-4

 In these first four verses of Luke we see the reason why this account of Christ was written. There were many teaching about Christ, but not all were teaching the truth. Luke was one of the eyewitnesses of Christ's ministry here on earth, and he wanted to tell what truly happened in a lasting and permanent way.  He had spent time thinking about what he wanted to say, he had investigated the facts, and he was ready to write them in the order they occurred.  But more importantly, he was led by the Spirit of God.
 Luke was a decided, diligent, man of details dedicated to declaring the Truth of God!

Why did he write to Theophilus?

So he would know the story of Jesus.
So he would know the story well. (If it were written down he could read it again and again!)
So he would know the TRUE story of Christ.

What can we learn from Luke?

We have the TRUE LIGHT of the world and we need to combat those who are teaching error with the TRUTH. We have a responsibility to teach other of Christ so that they can teach others and the message of the gospel marches on.

But BEWARE! You can't teach what you don't know, and shouldn't teach what you don't believe. We need to meditate on God's Word and ask for His guidance and strength to share His word with others.

I am excited to read, meditate, study and memorize God's Word this year.  I am excited about sharing God's Word with my English and Spanish online study groups.  I am excited about sharing God's Word in Peru in less than two weeks.

Won't you join in me in getting excited 

about the things that matter most in this life?

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