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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lessons from Luke - From Shepherds to Preachers!

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When you hear good news you just can't help but share it!

True good news comes from God...

The reason for the shepherds praises in Luke 2:20 were the things that they had heard and seen.  God had spoken to them from heaven through the appearance of the angels, and their meeting with God forever changed their lives!

Good news often comes when you least expect it...

In Luke 2:8 they were simply going about their daily lives on the sheep watching night shift.  Sheep do not just take care of themselves, and predators don't just hang up their hunting instincts just because it the sun goes down.  These were not easily frightened men.  They surely faced all kinds of dangers from predators, animal and human alike, who were after their sheep.  It was just another night's work in the sheep fold.

Good news should motivate us to action...

  However, in v.9 these brave night watchmen were suddenly filled with fear, until they heard the message from their celestial visitors.  In v. 15, they immediately decided to leave everything and go and verify the message they had heard.  In v. 16, we learn that they wasted no time in getting there.  They were moved to action!

Good news is meant to be shared...

After seeing the promised Messiah in v.17 they testified about what they had seen.  Oh sure, they could have said, "That was awesome!" and spent weeks reminiscing among themselves about the glorious sight they had witnessed, but they couldn't.  This news was just TOO GOOD!  They had to share it with anyone and everyone who would listen.  They just had to TELL SOMEBODY!

Our Good News should impact lives...

 When you have good news to share, I mean really good news, you don't keep it to yourself, you don't whisper it in a corner, you can't really even express it on paper.  What do you want to do?  You want to shout it from the rooftops!

The shepherds communicated their good news in a way that astounded and amazed their audience (v.18).  They had become preachers and heralds of the Messiah's coming to earth!  When they finally returned to work their message remained the same.  They returned glorifying and praising God for the wondrous gift He had brought into their lives that night. They were different!  Forever changed by their encounter with Emmanuel - God with us!

We have the GOOD NEWS as well today and no matter the situation, circumstance, or excuse, we need to boldly proclaim the same Good News that those preaching shepherds proclaimed!

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