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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

10 Days of Homeschooling with Diabetes - part 7 Working around your health

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Want to go back to the beginning? Here's part one!

Good days for diabetics are normal days for the rest of the world!

A "good" day means that I feel like a super hero. I am ready to tackle any task...even that dreaded pile of dishes!

But a "bad" day can mean just feeling extra tired and sluggish (read that as "feeling like you have the knock-you-off-your-feet version of the flu"). It can include mood swings, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, etc. Even being sick can throw you for a loop because everything affects your blood sugar.

What it boils down to is...
I'm tired and they are not!
I don't want to do school but they need to.
I don't want to cook, clean, wash, or whatever, but Hey! We have to eat at some point!
The Eager Beaver

So what do I do?
Think of your energy level as a gas tank. I can tell as soon as I wake up if my tank is full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, or empty. This internal regulator of mine is helpful because it helps me decide which task to conquer now and which ones to leave for later.

When dealing with school on a bad day, unless I am completely bedridden, we will tackle the main subjects and leave the extras for another day. My boys know on those days that we need to "get her done, Son!" and not mess around because Mommy needs to rest.

Also, Daddy has been known to supervise a math page or two and he can be more exacting than Mommy!

My advice is don't be discouraged when you have a day where your energy level is not at 100%. You can't avoid those days but you can plan ahead for them!

Be blessed, 

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