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Thursday, August 4, 2016

10 Days of Homeschooling with Diabetes - part 9 Organizing with limited energy

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What a fitting post for the end of the week!  Here it is Thursday and I am ready to plop down on the bed and take it easy! This first week of school has been especially exciting for my five year old. Mr. Hotwheels is a workbook fanatic and loves receiving a fresh page to tackle. When I ask him to find the words with the short i sound he says things like, "Aha! You didn't get away from me!" as he circles the answer. I love it!

Mr. Bookworm is also enjoying his work with a minimal amount of complaining. Of course, in every life some rain must fall, but our motto this year is, "Do it right the first time...or do it again!" So when his desire to get it over and done with overcomes his desire to work neatly he must suffer the consequences.  I think we will be seeing a lot of progress in neatness from him in the next few weeks! However, when it comes to his computer-based work I hear no complaints and the time just flies by for him as he soaks up the information like a sponge. I know he is learning a lot because any time I quiz him he squeezes that sponge dry by retelling me every detail of what he has read or seen.

So, on to organization.  I have been trying the bullet journal method off and on for about 6 months and like the freedom of not having a set format for my weekly calendar. If you are unfamiliar with the method you can find out more about the original method here or check out some You Tube videos.  It is simply emptying your brain into a notebook. I make a weekly spread to track any church-related appointments, doctor visits, menu ideas, etc. Then if I need to make a list of worksheets to print for home school or need to jot down a quick outline for my children's church lesson I can easily turn the next page and start writing. A simple index and page numbering system helps you find your information again when you need it.

You can basically put into one notebook what used to fill up three or four.  Skip the giant binder with 20 divisions for the perfect home that you may or may not look at ever again after you finish printing it all and putting it together and grab a spiral bound notebook and organize your life the easy way.

My bullet journal is a smaller A5 size that I can fit into my bag and take with me. For home school I use a larger A4 size notebook. The main reason for having two notebooks is that I didn't want to accidentally leave or lose my home school plans at church or anywhere else. My home school bullet journal planner sits with my teacher's manuals most of the time and the smaller one goes pretty much everywhere I go.

I spent EONS searching for the perfect home school planner and never found it. I didn't want to download 180 pages and then say "eh?" and throw it in the trash. I needed a simple layout where I could plan out our week at a glance and not over plan. (I may have been guitly of that in the past!)

So the bullet journal style is what works best for me and though I was wringing my hands at the start of this week because I didn't have pages and pages of notes written out the week has gone smoothly. I also made 6 week outlines for the main subjects to have an idea of where we were going...but alas, some of those changed before we even started.  My goal this year is not to be swayed by what everyone else is doing, but to stick to what I know works best for my family!

Keep your eye on the prize and press toward the mark!

Be blessed,


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