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Friday, September 14, 2012

10 days of Homeschool in a Minivan...

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Part 1 - Decluttering for Life on the Road
Over the years, the teacher in me has learned that hoarding is dangerous!  What begins as, “Let me keep this because, I might need it someday…” quickly spirals downward into a storage shed full of unorganized junk!  There is no sense in keeping things if you cannot find them when you need them.  Now, as a stay-at-home mom I must constantly remind myself that I do not need twenty-five sets of anything, that everything does not need to be laminated, and that storage space is limited and precious.  In other words, I am constantly purging our hoard of homeschool resources (while simultaneously dreaming about what my school room would look like if it were the size of a double wide trailer!)
              Since we are traveling on deputation right now our storage space for school supplies is severely limited.  My husband does a great job of pulling me away from the teacher and office supply aisles on a regular basis before I lose all self-control and come home with more things than we need!  When everything must fit into the minivan for a long trip every corner becomes a piece of prime real estate, thus making my dreams of hauling around a 3 foot dry erase board a little impractical.  So after much thought (and window shopping in the office supply store) I developed a storage plan that works for us.

Storage necessities

            Right now we are still in the preschool stage of homeschooling so many of my resources come in the form of printable worksheets found on the internet.  For instance, with my oldest son I have been using various “Letter of the Week” curriculum found online here and here to provide him with hands-on activities.  I also use the A Beka Book preschool curriculum.  In order to keep everything organized I use plastic file boxes, 3-ring binders, page protectors, and my laptop.  I also have a “school only” backpack with smaller items stored inside.

Stay tuned for...

Part 2 - Organization for a natural born packrat!

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