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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Second S'mores

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When I was a little girl living in Torrejon, Spain, I would sometimes see other kids running around with chocolate smeared on a slice of bread and I would wonder what kind of disgusting peanut butter they were eating!  Fast forward, um many years, and I had learned that the dark brown spread was called Nutella and was made from hazelnuts not peanuts.  I still eyed it with caution until one day I took the plunge at a friend's house and was hooked.  A simple graham cracker and a little spread was all it took to win me over.

Now I know there is nothing "new" under the sun but after sprinkling a few marshmallows on our crackers and spread today the idea hit me that I could make a s'more in the microwave!  One thing that always turned me off about making s'mores was the cost of the ingredients.  My boys are huge marshmallow fans and now I had everything on hand to make my chocolate dreams come true.

It wasn't rocket science and only took 7 seconds for the mini-marshmallows to puff up nicely. It was so good I had to make two and plan to make the boys some after they wake up from their naps.

However, a word of caution about marshmallows!  We buy the minis because the large ones can be a choking hazard.  Also, heating them up can make them too hot to eat right away, or too sticky for little mouths to chew without gagging or choking.  I plan to give the boys "uncooked" or "open-faced" s'mores instead.  Normally they like to pick the marshmallows off and eat them first, followed by scraping or licking the chocolate off, and occasionally eating the graham cracker.  It can be a messy, good time, and makes for a fun treat every now and then.

If you need a quick chocolate fix, grab some Nutella today, and happy s'moring!


Side note:  We found a Nutella wanna-be at a local dollar store and though my husband tried to convince me that it was very good, it was not the same as the "real deal"!

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